"In the long run, you only hit what you aim at"

Although the exact origins of the club are seemingly lost in the annals of time, clues abound that some form of club has been in existence since at least 1879 (we have a suitably named trophy!). Additional information is sketchy however when time permits, a search of local libraries and museums will no doubt be undertaken!

Club members

The club has in the region of 50 members who shoot a variety of different bow styles.

Where and when we shoot

We are fortunate enough to be able to shoot during the summer (April through to end of September) on our range at Port Soif, the grounds and licensed club house being shared with Guernsey Rovers Athletic Club

There are regular practice sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, with Sunday mornings usually reserved for club competitions.

Built during 2010/2011 we now have a substantial shelter that allows shooting to continue, even during the more moistmoments that a British Summer so often delivers!

Winter is predominantly the indoor season (the exception being a monthly outdoor Frostbite shoot when weather allows). This entails a move to the indoor Rifle Range at Mont Arrive. Practice takes place on three evenings a week; Monday, Wednesdays (usually reserved for club competitions) and Fridays.

Throughout the year we try to hold several 3D field shoots and have over 30 different targets to choose from to make shooting that bit more interesting!

New archers

To encourage newcomers and raise the profile of the sport to the public we regularly hold beginner courses, allowing people to try their hand at several different bow types under the instruction of our more experienced members. 2012/13 will see several members looking to complete their coaching certificates to benefit the club further.

The big one

Each September the club hosts a World Record Status Double Fita Star event with archers regularly visiting from the other Channel Islands and the UK. This is the biggest regular event we hold and is regarded as the jewel in the calendar amongst those members who take part, organise or help out each year.