Have a go

The club strives to ensure that the sport is open to everyone and it is partly to this end that we welcome other sporting or social clubs or groups of like minded people to contact us if they wish to get involved with a private 'have a go' session.

This can be for something as simple as just wanting to give it a go, a birthday party, something different to settle inter office rivalries etc etc

It is a fun and safe way to try the sport under the guidance of regular club members.

During the summer we offer this exclusively outdoors at the range at Port Soif.

Winter time is restricted to outdoors at the weekend when weather allows and indoors in the evenings during the week - club practice and competitions permitting.

We can cater from 4 to....more (limited by space and time!) but please do email us if you want more information and to discuss availability..

Beginner Sessions

Whether it is down to the Olympic effect, more awareness of the sport in media and entertainment or something else, the number of people who are now taking part in this wonderful sport has increased beyond our expectations!

The club will still be running beginner sessions but exact dates are currently unknown at this time. Email us if you are interested and our club secretary Chris Massey will get in touch with you to explain further.